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 A tumble dryer

Dryer taken a tumble?

Nowadays, we all rely on our tumble dryers – in poor weather, there’s just no other option! So it can be a real pain when yours breaks down.

If you’re noticing any drop in performance, however big or small, it’s worth calling us out. We can catch issues before a major failure happens and can usually fix it on the first visit. We’ll only use recommended manufacturer parts, so we can guarantee you a long-lasting repair.

Inconvenience or danger?

Did you know that the humble tumble dryer is a common cause of house fires?

If you notice a burning smell, get in touch with us right away. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Checks you can do yourself

If your tumble dryer isn’t working properly, there are a couple of things you can check to save yourself the cost of a repair. Check that the vent hose is clear, and make sure there’s no build up around the filter.

And it may sound obvious, but make sure your machine is switched on! If it is, check the door shuts properly.

Avoid future problems

It can be tempting to stuff your tumble dryer with enough clothes that there’s barely a gap in the machine. But if you do this, the tumble dryer can’t work as effectively. Less is more!

Make sure you’re regularly emptying and replacing the dust filters as well.

Makes we repair

Faulty tumble dryer?
For speedy tumble dryer repairs, call us on 0117 244 9098

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